We have been asked Frequent Questions by the Car owners & many of our valued Customers. With a view to make it easy for you to understand this concept, we have compiled the same. A summary of such questions is given below.If you have a question that has not been answered here, send it in an e mail with subject GWPFC QUESTION to girirajsystems@gmail.com All the best,

What is the difference between Oxy+ Alkaline System and other alkaline systems available in the market?

Oxy+ Alkaline System is indigenously developed at Giriraj Electronics with superior quality and modern features, supporting the “Make in India” drive. Unlike other brands, Oxy+ Alkaline System is designed to function smoothly and provide alkaline water in various regions of India, and beyond.

Key features of Oxy+ Alkaline System:

  1. Large built-in storage tank to make alkaline water available even during power cut-offs.
  2. In-built pressure pump to consistent pressure and smooth functioning of input water from the loftank.
  3. Multi-layered filters including sediment filter with transparent bowl, activated carbon filter, bowl mounting plate, bowl fitting elbow.
  4. Touchless operation with remote for all key functionalities including power controls, water selection, daily, weekly and monthly cleaning, and more.
  5. Affordable and infrequent maintenance and repairing costs and easy repair/replacement of remote control.
Which water is good for health Alkaline or R.O.?

Alkaline water is much healthier than R.O. water because in old days there is no R.O. water & we know well that the people are much healthier than this period of time.

Because in old days most of the people uses lake, River, Well or Sprig water for drinking purpose, which is Alkaline water.

Now we are using Tap water which is provided by Municipal Corporation which is already filtered water, further they use Chlorine for filtration as well as they also use other chemical to protect the pipelines from rusting.

Now a days we are using R.O on that Tap water line, so, after the filtration there is no minerals which is very important for human body.

Healthy Water is not only for thirst but it also increases our immunity & Alkaline water fulfill needs of health.

Will the state of the water change when heated or refrigerated?

The state of the water changes upon heating and refrigeration. When heated, the ORP and pH of the water changes. Whereas when chilled through refrigeration, the ORP changes but the pH remains unchanged for up to a week - depending on the quality of tap water.

Can I use Oxy+ alkaline water to take medicine?

Oxy+ alkaline water is intended for everyday drinking and cooking; however, it is recommended to consider the following points for intake with medications. Do not take medicine with higher pH water.

Medicines shouldn’t be consumed with higher pH water. Hence, press the button numbered as 1 on the remote control to get Natural water - suitable for intake with medicines.

The pH level of stomach acids is about 1.5 to 2.5pH, and medication is prescribed in accordance to this pH level in order for it to take effect past the stomach. The effectiveness of medicines with Oxy+ water has not been tested yet; and to ensure full effect of the medication, we recommend leaving sometime between taking the medication and drinking Oxy+ Water. Discontinue consumption of Oxy+ alkaline water and seek medical assistance in case of any discomfort or abnormality in the body due to intake of alkaline water along with medicines.

Will the quality of input tap water affect the quality of Oxy+ alkaline water?

Oxy+ Alkaline System is engineered to deliver consistently high-quality drinking water, and the type of input tap water does not affect the quality. Oxy+ Alkaline water and acidic water produced by electrolysis.  The system can be customized to suit various qualities of input water, and it can support up to 650 TDS water.

How do I use Acidic water for beauty care?

Drinking alkaline water is proven to be beneficial for skin quality and hydration. The acidic water can be used as facial mist at regular intervals throughout the day. This helps with maintaining skin's pH level between 5.0 and 6.0 and removes any residual dirt and impurities. The acidic water can be used for bathing, and it will help preserve the moisture of your skin.

How do we begin drinking Oxy+ Water?

Setting pH level to 1 is recommended for switching from normal water to alkaline water for healthy adults.  For children or seniors, set the pH level to an even lower pH level for the initial phase.

After continuing regular intake for about 2 to 3 weeks, gradually increase the pH level as the body adjusts to the current pH level. The recommended setting is 8.0 to 8.5.5 pH, and can be regularly consumed as per your preferences, requirements and physical condition once the body has transitioned to alkaline water.

Alkaline water is not recommended for infants (1 year or younger), since their intestinal movement is different from adults. The use of Oxy+ water with pH level 2, 3 or 4 is not encouraged until the infant begins to consume more complicated edibles. Oxy+ water pH level 2, 3 or 4 should not be used to make powdered milk for infants; however Oxy+ water pH level 1 can be used.

How will the electrolysis cell function effectively?

Oxy+ Alkaline system is designed for higher electrolysis capacity and durability; hence, the electrode plates are made with highest-quality titanium, plated with platinum. The choice of materials ensures that electrode plates are completely rustproof, offers lower maintenance, longevity and guarantees higher volumes of output water.

The electrolysis cell and motherboard secures a high -ORP, and produces safe, healthy and delicious water.  The automatic cleaning mechanism ensures that the electrolysis cell is always clean, and it should last 15 years for HP series as well as 5 to 7 years for other ranges. However, the lifespan of an electrolysis cell completely depends upon parameters like daily usage, number of people, model, type of water and its quality.

What should I do when I notice a build-up of clusters in the storage tank / stainless steel container / glass or glass container?

Small amounts of minerals are found in unpurified water, and during electrolysis, these minerals concentrate on the negative plate of the electrolysis cell, causing clusters to attach to the electrode plate. Oxy+ eradicates these clusters by reversing the voltage, and sometimes these clusters fall off inadvertently. When the water is stored in the storage tank, stainless steel container, glass or glass container - these clusters accumulate to the bottom and sides. These clusters are mineral accumulations, and are completely harmless even upon consumption.

However, it is recommended to regularly clean the storage tank at least once every three months. To clean these clusters, pour synthetic white vinegar or any other citric acid into the container - and let it rest for 12 to 15 hours. The clusters will easily come off after the vinegar soak, and rinse the container thoroughly with clean water.

How to maintain the electrolysis cell?

The accumulation of mineral clusters on electrode plates is inevitable due to the presence of various amounts of minerals like calcium, magnesium, etc. These mineral clusters can potentially decrease the electrolysis capacity of the appliance, and might affect the lifespan of the system.

To ensure easy maintenance, the Oxy+ Alkaline System is equipped with a highly advanced automatic cleaning system that breaks off the clusters. This automatic cleaning mechanism activates for 1 minute when the system is switched on, and regularly removes the mineral clusters. Oxy+ Alkaline System is also equipped with monthly clean mode, which can be conducted using the remote control. Regular cleaning is necessary to maximize the life span of the electrolysis cell, and any special maintenance is not required for smooth functioning of the system.

What is the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)?

Oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) or redox is a measurement that indicates how much electric potential is needed to reduce or slow down the process of oxidation (rusting / decaying) of any substance. The unit of ORP measurement is millivolts (mV), and negative ORP in order to be considered good, especially for drinking - since higher ORP suggests presence of more pollutants and oxidizing agents.

Oxy+ Alkaline water has a negative ORP reading, making it anti-oxidizing, hence providing bonus electrons that help counteract free radicals that create aging and disease in the body.

What is the ideal pH level?

Recommended pH for drinking is 8 to 9 for healthy adults. Please be advised that pH 10 or higher are not recommended for drinking, because both over-acidity (acidosis) and over-alkalinity (alkalosis) are extremes that we must all try to avoid. Drinking normally at pH 8 to 9 on a daily basis is more than enough to help us neutralize the over-acidity in our bodies.

What should I expect once I start drinking Oxy+ alkaline water regularly?

You should expect to feel more energized, improved bowel movement, and better skin complexion within the first few weeks of drinking. Scientific studies imply that certain chronic health conditions also reported improvements in condition within 3 to 6 months.

Is it possible to become a distributor, installer or franchisee?

Yes, we have a Dealer, Distributor & franchise packages. For more information on this please contact us at: girirajsystems@gmail.com

or Click Here to fill-up Keep in Touch form.

What other benefits does the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) kit have?

Long-term usage has indicated that the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) kit significantly reduces maintenance costs by decreasing the amount of carbon and other particulate matter in the engines oil. Users have found that oil changes are required less often. In addition, many of the engines’ moving parts experience less wear and tear due to a cleaner burn.

Being a retrofit product, what engine modifications need to be made?

Unlike engine conversions for propane or liquid natural gas (LNG), no engine modifications are required. The only change to the engine is an insertion point into the air intake prior to the engine turbo & for Petrol Vehicle Very close to Carburetor Air in-take or In-take of Throttle Body.

Does the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O kit also decrease engine emissions?

Yes, This is the most significant advantage of using the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) Kit. Testing and usage has indicated significant reductions in noxious and toxic engine emissions. It is estimated that as much as 70% of unburned smog is caused by vehicle emissions from diesel vehicles of one ton or larger capacity. The GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) Kit is a proven performer in reducing these greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions thereby providing cleaner air for all.

Is it true that the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) kits reduces fuel consumption?

Testing and usage has shown that the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver can increase fuel economy. Many different factors can change the fuel economy of an engine. We assure fuel savings of 20% to 30% for 2 wheelers, 10% to 30% for 4 wheelers & 4% to 12% in commercial vehicles after installation of GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver.

How Does GIRIRAJ Water Power Fuel Saver unit Work?

                H2O, in combinations with other electrolyzed gases introduced into the intake manifold of your engine, will accelerate the flame spread during combustion, thereby getting more of the vaporized fuel to combust during the initial part of the power stroke. The benefits of the addition of Hydrogen in an internal combustion engine, including a diesel engine have been well accepted & identified.

               Road Tests have shown 30-200% increases in mileage with the additional implementation of driving tips. Most engines equipped with electronic fuel injection and on-board computers adjust automatically, by cutting back on the amount of fuel injected. For optimum mileage gain & Safety of the Product as well as Customers we have developed a ECM which controls the Car’s on-board Computer Automatically which helps the computer make the optimum adjustments. 

             The GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) kit is a retrofit device that can be installed and connected to any internal combustion engine, regardless of the engine's fuel source. It is a closed chamber unit that produces H2O (HHO) as per requirement of the Engines. There is no storage of HHO, making the technology extremely safe.

               The product can be used on all types and combinations of fuels: gasoline, diesel, natural gas, liquid propane, methanol, ethanol and bio-diesel. Due to the on-board Production of HHO by the GIRIRAJ kit, For installing this unit no infrastructure changes are required.

              In fact, the owner of a GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver can actually SAVE money due to reduced operating costs. GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver has been installed & tested on various types of engines.

What type of fuels will the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) kits work with?

The GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) kit will work with any internal combustion engine regardless of the type of fossil fuel being used. This includes fuels with high levels of bio-fuels.

What is the difference between H2 production and H2 insertion?

H2 production is normally the large scale manufacturing of H2 and is capable of efficiently and effectively producing large quantities of H2 using electrolysis. While H2 insertion is the small scale, on-board, on-demand production of H2 by electrolysis for injection into conventional internal combustion engines.

Pl. note we have both the Product H2 (Hydrogen Generators) & HHO Generators.

Does a larger or second alternator be better for more H2o gas production?

No, the power from your existing electricity system will be more than enough to produce large amount of H2O Gas. In fact the extra power which cost to generate more electricity will lower your fuel saving.

How often do you have to check the water level?

Depends on usage but normally it need 1 Liter of Distilled Water at Approx. every 2000 Kms or 35 Hours of Engine Running.

Is it possible to install 2 Fuel Cells for more fuel saving and install an extra alternator?

No, the load on the engine will eat up the savings.

Should I use only tap water rather than Distilled water?

No. It may affect the Life of Cell as well as Performance.

What is the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver Mileage Enhancement System?

The Water Powered Fuel Saver is a mileage enhancement system based on the main components like an on-board HHHO gas generator & ECM etc. We build the most efficient and Ultra Low Maintenance, affordable, compact HHO gas generators in the world. Tests have shown over 200% efficiency on some of our prototypes.

Does the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver affect an engines manufacturer's warranty?

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) engine warranties are not affected by the installation of GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) Kit. This is because the GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) kit does not alter the operation of the engine. The GIRIRAJ Water Powered Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) kit has been in use for thousands of miles with trouble-free operation however. You have to confirm with your Car Dealer for the Warranty.

What is the Warranty period of GIRIRAJ Water Power Fuel Saver?

Currently we offer carry-in warranty for the GIRIRAJ Water Power Fuel Saver H2O (HHO) kit for 2,00,000 Km or 1 Year whichever is earlier provided regular maintenance is done in time and designed operating specifications are followed properly. (For Gas Production Only)

What about Practical Simplicity of Product?

You can use this new technology, which is available to you to convert your vehicle to Water Powered. It does not need to change your Engine Fitting & Settings like Timing etc. Fitting & Testing time for your Vehicle is Maximum 40 min. to 1 Hour. At present No need of R.T.O. Registration. The unit can also be covered by the Insurance Company by paying additional Premium.

Why not Electric Car?
  • An electric vehicle produces very close to zero emissions, (ONLY IF BATTERIES CHARGE BY RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE) which is an excellent solution but, it also consume Electric Power & again the Batteries are also highly Polluted product which is must for this Car.
  • If you charge your car Battery with your own AC home outlets, it will only cost about Rs. 300 or approx USD 5 per charge to drive your vehicle up-to 250 to 300 Kms but the replacement cost of Batteries which is very high which is not included & also not include the cost of Maintenance.
  • Conversion of your Car in to Electric Car is also too costly due to high cost of Battery packs.
  • With a single charge, you can’t run the Car for 250 Kilometers & for fully charged Batteries it will take minimum 5 to 8 Hrs. again for recharging as well as if you go for Fast charge the life of Battery reduce drastically.
Why convert your car to water powered in the first Place?

First reason is to save considerable fuel cost over and above getting other important benefits like Increasing Engine Life, Reducing Noise, Vibration & Knocking of Engine & Ensuring Clean & Green environment by reducing Toxic fumes, greenhouse gas, toxic waste, you name it which is exhausted from the Cars. Car and truck exhaust is one of the biggest contributors to air pollution that has ever existed.

                We know that car companies have been insisted to clean up their act, to a point. But, simple emission controls are not the answer. Finding new ways to fuel our cars is the answer. Using Water to Power your cars is the answer that we are pursuing here.

What is GIRIRAJ ECM ? Why it is required?

For MPFI Cars we have developed our own ECM because after Installation of H2O kit you have to reduce the fuel supply & in MPFI Cars & you can’t adjust fuel setting like Carburetor Vehicles so, by using our ECM it will reduce the Fuel flow of your MPFI Cars.


How much time H2O kit will take to get optimum Performance?

Normally you fill the Difference in Vehicle Performance within 100 Kms. But you can get Maximum average gain within 5000 Kms to 6000 Kms Or 10% of ODO reading whichever is higher.

How do I maintain the H2O System?

Top-up Distilled water as needed. No need to clean the cell or service the Unit regularly.

How much fuel efficiency will I get?

80% users receive from 10% to 30% on occasion it has been higher.

What is the products life?

Approx. 6-9+ Years if maintain & use it within specific usage. Even after that product is repairable.

Can I use the GIRIRAJ H2O Kit on a Electric Hybrid car?


If I have questions is there any tech support for my GIRIRAJ H2O Kit?

Tech support is provided for your any of GIRIRAJ Products. For any of your query pl. click here & fill-up the Keep in Touch Form.

Can we use the GIRIRAJ H2O Kit on a power generator?

Yes, We also have the special range for power generators up to 1 MW.

Is this system safe for public use?

This Technology is 100% safe even at the time of accident as compare to any other option like Petrol, Diesel, CNG or LPG.

Is GIRIRAJ H2O (HHO) Kit having CE Certification?

Yes. GIRIRAJ H2O (HHO) kit is CE Certified product.

In case of an accident will the Hydrogen Generator blow up?

Absolutely not. As the product is having robust Stainless steel body with Powder coated outer MS cabinet.

Does the hydrogen generator cause any short or long-term harm to my engine?

No. the GIRIRAJ HHO generator does not cause any short or long-term harm to your engine & the LPS range of product is having “CE” Certification.

Does it work with Diesel, Natural Gas or Ethanol E85 / Flex Fuel vehicles?

Yes it does work with Diesel, Natural Gas or Ethanol E85 / Flex Fuel vehicles

Is the GIRIRAJ H2O Kit hard to install? Can I install it myself?

Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install the GIRIRAJ H2O Kit. If you can install a stereo system in your car or replace the Battery; you can install the GIRIRAJ H2O Kit. With GIRIRAJ H2O Kit you will receive full installation instructions. To install LPS range car kits, no need to cut any cable so, one can install even in new vehicles which are under warranty.

Why buy from GIRIRAJ ?

We are in the field of water splitting technology since 1999 & we have the best hydrogen generators. Further GIRIRAJ H2O kits are the first kit with CE Certification. The GIRIRAJ H2O Kit contains an all special Materials which create far more hydrogen and oxygen than products that appear to be similar. The output is variable as per your Engine cc because we have a different models for different Capacity of Engine. Our Kit generates HHO at 12v or 24v with 0 vacuum depend on the model. Other units may look like ours, but theirs are just several rods or two rods with stainless wire or SS Plates in a plastic container or Glass jar that put a charge through condition, so they just don’t match for the heavy driving conditions.

You get what you pay for!

Advantages over Conversion of Fuel from Petrol to LPG

H2O Kit


Our system is the dual fuel (i.e. Petrol + H2O  or Diesel + H2O ) system with Fuel Expender. There is no need of H2O Storage Tank.

Generally an additional LPG Storage Tank is required which occupy space in the vehicle. The weight also consumes more fuel.

There is lowest carbon monoxide, Hydrocarbons, NOx and particulates emissions along with saving of fuel.

More emission than H2O system. Saving shows only price difference of Petrol & LPG, but it depends on Govt. Price policy.

Refueling water is available Cheaply.

Refueling pumps are not available everywhere.

Non-hazardous & safe at the time of an accident.

Very dangerous at the time of an accident.

H2O Kit can be installed in LPG Engine also and saving of LPG is possible.

Advantages over Conversion of Fuel From Petrol to CNG.



Our System is the dual fuel (i.e. Petrol + HHO, Diesel + HHO, CNG + HHO or LPG + HHO) Refueling of Petrol / Diesel / Water in vehicles is a relatively simpler operation requiring transfer of fuel at ambient conditions.

CNG is filled at very high pressure of 200 BAR. Any leak from the filling nozzle or CNG kit and its connected piping needs to be stopped immediately which otherwise may lead to an accident/fire/explosion.

There is no need of high pressure heavy Storage Tank and hence no more space required.

High Pressure heavy storage tank and piping’s required. Weight consumes more fuel. Space for tank is also problematic in Small cars.

There is no need of exhaust catalytic converter to reduce emission.

Generally catalytic converter is required as per Bharat Stage II/III/IV.

There is lowest Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbons, NOx and particulates emissions along with saving of fuel.

More emission than HHO system. Saving shows only Price difference of Petrol & CNG, but it depends on Govt. price policy.

The Retrofitting cost is low than CNG.

Advantages Against Hydrogen as a Fuel.



On-Board, Ready to use, H2O (HHO) Generation without Pressure fed to engine as Dual Fuel.

There is Pressurised Hydrogen in Fuel Tank. Hydrogen is very reactive. This causes structural changes that make the metal brittle.

There is No-Pressure or Storage and hence no risk. H2O to HHO Generation starts After Few Seconds.

There is Pressure and Storage. A compressed Hydrogen Tank would be at risk of developing Pressure Leaks either through accidents or through normal wear, and such leaks could result in explosions.

Our System is mixed feed of H2O with existing fuel hence size of hydrogen generator is very small in comparison to compressed or liquefied Hydrogen Storage Tank.

Hydrogen in gaseous form, a volume of 238,000 liters is necessary to replace the energy capacity of 90.92 Liters of Gasoline. If the hydrogen is Liquefied, it will require 4 times the volume of gasoline for a given amount of energy.

Very easy to install.

Very tuff to install.

Only Distilled Water is required which is available @ Rs. 25 / Ltr. & 1 Ltr. Can run up to 2,000 Kms.


Advantages in Comparison with Exhaust Catalytic Converter



Pre-Engine/Pre-Ignition System.

Clean the Combustion Process.

Exhaust Converter.

Clean the un-burnt exhaust Gases.

Improves fuel properties for better combustion.

Does not improve fuel properties.

Works with all the Fuels (with or without 'Lead, 'Sulfur', etc.).

Does not work with Leaded Petrol. Different Catalysts for different fuels. Sulfur sensitive.

Decarbonizes Engine Combustion Chamber.

Does not Decarbonizes Engine Combustion Chamber.

Reduces Engine Noise and improves Engine Smoothness.


Other Advantages of H2O System
  • Ordinary Petrol/Diesel can be used and hence cost of fuel will be less.
  • There is no need of costly Fuel Additives.
  • Maintenance free H2O Kit (No need of Cleaning by Chemical).
  • Fuel Saving is more than 20% - up to 90 % depending upon viscosity of fuel, Driving style & other parameters.
  • Low Pay Back period.
  • 100% Safe and hazardless even at the time of accident of vehicle.
  • Also suitable for new model Petrol Cars, Diesel Trucks, Diesel Cars (i.e. MPFI with MAP, MAF sensors, Fuel Rail Systems, Exhaust Catalytic Converter, etc.).
  • Maximum Reduction of Green House Gas Emissions.
  • Waste Heat Recovery from Engine Coolant and hence Waste to Energy (Optional for Carburetor Vehicles).
  • H2O Kit works with Petrol/Diesel/ LPG/CNG, Flex fuel & Ethanol E85.
  • H2O gas can be used for any type of Metal Cutting / Soldering / Brazing / Welding with saving of more than 40 % in comparison to LPG or Acetylene and Oxygen.

If one consider all points highlighted above, conclusion is that this is the best solution for emission reduction and fuel economy in all diesel and gasoline engines and capable of being easily adoptable by billions of existing engines and vehicles all over the world.

Can my vehicle be tuning at my place of work or home or do I need to come to you?

AUTO TUNERS (A Division of GIRIRAJ Electronics) Car Tuning service can come direct to your door within our service area – that could be your home, office or any other location which is suitable to you. We do not charge you extra to serve you at your doorstep. After receiving your order, we will contact you within 24 hours (Monday to Friday) to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet and tune your vehicle. But if your car is required to take our workshop in that case we may need your vehicle for 1 day to 1 week depends upon your vehicle.

What about towing power of vehicles?

We guarantee higher torque early in the rev range for improved pulling and climbing power. Our Tuning is becoming an increasingly popular service for individuals who travel with high load since it improves the car’s towing power in general. Tuning for high torque vehicles can drastically help in providing that extra torque at lower rev ranges which is needed for faster and safer overtaking. What’s more, a tuning will not increase your emissions in any way.


Our pricing is directly proportion to the amount of work that we need to undertake to tune your Car, and this differs for each car model. We Request you to please call us or mail us directly for pricing.

Is your tuning service is available for Petrol or Diesel?

Our Tuning service will benefit both Petrol & Diesel Engines. However, Turbo Diesel Injection models (TDI) will show the greatest results from a performance & Economy point of view.

How soon I expect to get my vehicle Tuned after I place an order along with your Payment?

The process to get your vehicle tuned is as under.

Step-1. Fill-up all the field of Contact us form & submit.

Step-2. After receiving your mail we reply you with one more from in which we need further more details of your vehicle which we need to tune your vehicle.

Step-3. Once we received the Customer submission from filled from you, we give you our Quot. For your vehicle & also provide you the details of Tuning time we need to do the job. (If we want to check the compatibility we visit at your location to check the same within our service location)

Step-4. After confirmation mail received from you we provide you the Date & time so, you can plan your schedule. If the date & time provided by us is not suitable to you, pl. Provide us your most suitable date & time.

Step-5. After we both fix the date & time you have to deposit the amount in our bank account. (ONLY BY CHEQUE OR NET BANKING. NEVER DEPOSIT THE AMOUNT BY CASH AS WELL AS WE DO NOT RECEIVE THE PAYMENT IN CASH.) Once we received your payment in our Bank account within 24Hrs. our representative will call you.

Step-6. On the scheduled date we visit your location or you have to visit at our workshop & in your presence we do the test.     

What do you do exactly?

Our Engineer check your vehicles parameters, if your vehicle is compatible our engineer give you confirmation & conduct a test in your presence. After your confirmation we Tune your vehicle and you then have opportunity for yourself to experience the amazing results. Depending on the vehicle, the tuning time normally we take from 1 hour to 1 week to complete the job.

Is it safe for the vehicle?

Our Tuning process enhances and optimises the power of the engine within safe limits, not beyond them. Extra power will also result in fewer gear changes, which might actually reduce overall wear & tear. Manufacturers have to build in a tolerance for the parts in the engine, to manage the effect of wear and tear, production variations, and to ensure their warranty claims during their warranty period normally 3 years, are kept to a minimum.

Most race and rally engines are pushed for every last bhp, and thus they more common to fail, whilst normal car/van/lorry engines are limited back, well away from probability of multiple failures. Each individual engine is different as in how much it can be pushed in a tuning, but a good tuning from a quality tuner like Auto Tuners will never get close the limits of component failure.

You will see that the top companies within the market place have all develop vehicle improvements to similar outputs. Beware of tuners who claim significantly more, it’s either lies hoping that the average customer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Why don’t the manufacturers do it?

Manufacturers generally sell one vehicle that covers various markets, with different tax and emissions regulations, different climates with extremes of heat, cold, humidity, different fuel quantities, different operating altitudes, etc. A manufacturer has to take all of these factors into consideration and make substantial compromises in the vehicles operation. We optimise the engine tuning and outputs as per conditions of your driving & requirement.

What warranty do you give?

Every vehicle tuned by AUTO TUNERS is guaranteed to ensure your complete peace of mind and continued service.

If the installation becomes faulty, we will re-install it free of charge at our workshop. A professionally tuned engine will not cause technical faults with a well serviced and maintained the engine.

Please explain what is Tuning?

If you want to tune your diesel vehicle and still keep the vehicles safety and durability functions for the engine/transmission/ESP intact, the only way to tune a diesel vehicle is to make changes in the existing control system of the engine. That is exactly what we offer at AUTO TUNERS. Our tuning process has total control over all parameters at any moment, and we don’t disturb the safety functions of the car, by deceiving the system.

Apart from an obvious power, torque and fuel economy benefits you get the following advantages with an AUTO TUNERS Tuning Service:
• The Tuning process is completed within 1 Hour to 1 Week depends upon the Vehicle.
• Nothing needs to be connected to the vehicle after tuning to get the benefits.
• No loose boxes and wiring flexes in the engine compartment.
• Torque comes soft and smooth.
• Torque is adjusted/limited on lower gears (to avoid damage on the transmission)
• Boost pressure and air flow is optimised.
• The original settings can be done easily if required.
• On board computer shows correct fuel consumption.
• Anti-skid program (ESP) function is fully retained.
• Torque reduction when shifting gear (for comfort and durability) is retained.
• Regeneration (emptying) of diesel particle filter (DPF) is retained optimal.
• Correct calculation of exhaust temperature.
• Correct calculation of service interval.
• The diagnostic system is retained.
• No enlarged NOx, HC, CO, CO2, Soot emissions compared with original when going for MOT and servicing.

Do you offer a trial period?

We are very confident that your AUTO TUNERS tuning process will both improve your driving experience and save you substantially on fuel. But, don’t take our word for it, try the upgrade for 15 days and if you are not satisfied with the results, we retuned your vehicle till your satisfaction or refund the amount after deducting some process charges.

What about insurance?

We advise that it is your responsibility to inform your insurance Company for any modification to your vehicle. We are finding that more and more insurance companies are not penalising their customers for saving fuel and recognise our economy upgrades, in particular with AUTO TUNNERS. We can provide a certificate of conformity if required.

Do you keep a record of our original & final tuning parameters?

Yes, in secure server storage, if you ever require your vehicle to put back to original tuning we can do the same because we have the complete parameters of your vehicle along with your personal contact information.

Does it affect the manufacturer warranty?

Some manufactures diagnostic equipment may detect a tuning. Additionally many forward thinking manufacturers turn a blind eye to a quality tuning service, knowing that a properly enhanced vehicle can only ever benefit them. The official line from most manufacturers is that if a modification causes a problem with the vehicle, then the part of the vehicle affected will not be covered under warranty, this does not mean a independent cancelling of the whole warranty.

How does the tuning improve the vehicle?

A full AUTO TUNERS Engine tuning alters the fuel, boost and torque characteristics of the engine. By controlling the fuel pressure, injected fuel quantity, maximum permissible visible smoke limit, boost pressure from the turbocharger and the torque characteristic.
We at AUTO TUNERS offers a fully controllable change to the engine characteristics, whilst still operating with full engine feedback control and within all the pre-set engine sensor limits.

What do diesel add-on tuning boxes do?

We do not fit add-on tuning boxes, which normally just interfere with engine management signals to trick the injectors into adding more or less fuel. Our service is a custom tuning done specifically for your vehicle.
These differ from how a tuning works. A tuning box relies on the principal of more diesel fuel = more diesel power. That theory is correct and boxes do increase power, but they can’t control the amount of black smoke (maximum permissible visible smoke limit) coming out the exhaust.
Too much smoke is undesirable, both environmentally and visually. More importantly, the black smoke is un-burnt diesel fuel attached to combustion chamber, with deposits exiting straight out the exhaust pipe, thus wasting fuel which hasn’t had any effect on power gain. The results are raised emissions, a higher thermal load on the engine (i.e. exhaust temperature) and frequently defects such as "bucking" are often the result. It should be clear what this means for your engine.
In a modern engine there are complex engine control systems that cooperate with each other to make everything work perfectly. A diesel box manipulates some signals in order to either increase the injection time or fuel pressure. Unfortunately this manipulation is done entirely without the engine control system’s knowledge. This means that a diesel box tricks the engine control system of the vehicle and the consequence is that a large amount of values and control data will be incorrect, resulting in:

• The on board trip computer shows improved fuel consumption, but the real amount left in the tank is less, as fuel is being injected without any of the sensors detecting the additional amount entering the cylinder.
• The anti skid program (ESP) is disturbed because of incorrect torque value.
• Loose boxes and wiring flexes in the engine compartment.
• The automatic gearboxes get incorrect torque value.
• Torque reduction when shifting gear (for comfort and durability) is not retained.
• The regeneration (emptying) of particle filter will not be optimal.
• The calculation of exhaust temperature is disturbed.
• The calculation of service interval is disturbed.
• The diagnostic system is disturbed

What is Torque?

Torque is the twisting force created in an engine by rotating parts; horsepower is the measurement of how fast torque is being used. Horsepower and torque work hand-in-hand, as horsepower is calculated from torque.
For the average buyer, torque shouldn’t be a deciding factor unless you know you’ll be towing or hauling heavy loads. And that’s where high-torque vehicles will do well, driving while towing a trailer or maxing out cargo capacity. It will be easier to accelerate and sustain speed with a high-torque car in any situation, but especially with heavy loads.
High performance cars can also produce lots of torque that greatly aid in acceleration. That feeling of your eyeballs being sucked into the back of your head in a fast car during heavy right-foot pounding is an example of excessive torque.

What is BHP (Break horsepower)?

Brake horsepower (BHP) is the measure of an engine's horsepower before the loss in power caused by the gearbox, alternator, differential, water pump, and other auxiliary components such as power steering pump, muffled exhaust system, etc. Brake refers to a device which was used to load an engine and hold it at a desired rotational speed. During testing, the output torque and rotational speed were measured to determine the brake horsepower. Horsepower was originally measured and calculated by use of the "indicator" (a James Watt invention of the late 18th century), and later by means of a De Prony brake connected to the engine's output shaft.
More recently, an engine dynamometer is used instead of a De Prony brake. Although the output delivered to the driving wheels is less than that obtainable at the engine's crankshaft, a chassis dynamometer gives an indication of an engine's "real world" horsepower after losses in the drive train and gearbox. This gives a reasonably accurate indication of how a wheeled vehicle engine will perform once on the road.

What is NM (Newton metre)?

A newton metre is a unit of torque (also called "moment") in the SI system. The symbolic form is Nm or N•m. One newton metre, sometimes hyphenated newton-metre, is equal to the torque resulting from a force of one newton applied perpendicularly to a moment arm which is one metre long.
It is also used less commonly as a unit of work, or energy, in which case it is equivalent to the more common and standard SI unit of energy, the joule. In this very different usage the metre term represents the distance travelled or displacement in the direction of the force, and not the perpendicular distance from a fulcrum as it does when used to express torque. This usage is discouraged by the SI authority, since it can lead to confusion as to whether a given quantity expressed in newton-meters is a torque or a quantity of energy.

What about Naturally aspirated engines?

Forced induction i.e. Turbo charging or Supercharging allows a tuner to fine tune and control the amount of air your engine needs to consume at all times. Naturally aspirated engines will benefit from our Tuning service, but due to lack of forced induction, your engine will see gains up to 10%.

What about emissions? Will my Diesel car smoke?

Not at all. Your emissions will not be affected in any way due to our clean burn approach. In Diesels, even with the manufacturer’s original tune, a small amount of smoke under wide open throttle is normal, and this usually subsidies into a haze as you accelerate. Thanks to our strict rule of clean burn, we ensure that your car doesn’t unnecessarily smoke any more than what it did before you tuned your car with us.

Tell me about the science of Photovoltaics.

Photovoltaic science is the science of turning energy produced from the sun into electricity. Edmond Becquerel discovered the concept known as the photovoltaic effect in 1839. However, the first positive/negative (p/n) junction solar cell was not created until 1954 at Bell Labs.
          Photovoltaics are solid-state semiconductor devices that convert light directly into electricity. They are usually made of silicon with traces of other elements and are first cousins to transistors, LEDs and other electronic devices.
           Although making PV cells and modules requires advanced technology, they're very simple to use. PV modules are generally low-voltage DC devices (although arrays of PV modules can be wired for higher voltages) with no moving or wearing parts. Once installed, a PV array generally requires no maintenance other than an occasional cleaning, and even that is not imperative. Most PV systems do contain storage batteries which require some water and maintenance similar to that required by the battery in an automobile.
             A photovoltaic device (generally called a solar cell) consists of layers of semiconductor materials with different electronic properties. In a typical BP Solar crystalline silicon cell, the bulk of the material is silicon, doped with a small quantity of boron to give it a positive or p-type character. A thin layer on the front of the cell is doped with phosphorous to give it a negative or n-type character. The interface between these two layers contains an electric field and is called a junction. Light consists of particles called photons. When light hits the solar cell, some of the photons are absorbed in the region of the junction, freeing electrons in the silicon crystal. If the photons have enough energy, the electrons will be able to overcome the electric field at the junction and are free to move through the silicon and into an external circuit. As they flow through the external circuit they give up their energy as useful work (turning motors, lighting lamps, etc.) and return to the solar cell. The photovoltaic process is completely solid-state and self-contained. There are no moving parts and no materials are consumed or emitted.