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3.33 KW Premium Solar Rooftop Plant

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Package Include:

Gift:                                     GIRIRAJ product worth Rs. 25000.

Dealership ID:                    Provided to get advantage of 100% Cash-back offer.

Inverter:                             3Kw x 1.

Solar Panel:                        330w x 10 = 3300W. Tested by GIRIRAJ.

GI Structure:                      High Roof with Top side Higt of 8'.

ACDB:                                   As Mentioned Above.

DCDB:                                   As Mentioned Above.

L.A.:                                       As per Standard.

Earthing:                              Maintenance Free with Earth Test.

DC Cable:                             No limit up-to 45 Mtrs.

AC Cable:                             4 Sq. mm Up-to 45 Mtrs.

Earthing Cable:                  As per Standard x 45 Mtrs.

VCB:                                      Included.

Panel cleaning System:                 Included.

Extra A.C. Surge Protection:         Included.

Extra D.C. Surge Protection:         Included.

Extra High roof Structure:             Included.

Shipping And Other Information

Free Shipping to customer of Surat City.

Installation included for customer of Surat City.

For bulk Order across Gujarat State; Pl. contact us on +91 98250 54957.

For Dealer / Distributor info; pl. contact us on +91 98250 54957.